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     I have always wondered where the issues of poverty arise from. Not that I have the complete answer today, but I sure have enough understanding as to how most of it can be addressed and changed, if not eradicated. Recently I heard it said, “Where there is no opportunity or vision, poverty exists.” THP brings both into young lives to give them a future.


     “People without vision perish.” This is all around the world and it’s true for India as well. Visionary people in history whether it be Bill Gates or Mother Teresa never had billions in their accounts when they got started, but today much of their vision has been accomplished. What does this say to us? Well every person has a mind, ambition, goals & dreams. Though these children come empty handed, we need to enable and encourage their desires and identity.


     At THP home, we don’t create any attitude of poverty or self-pity. Our vision is simply to help and train each child, enabling them to fulfill their life with our guidance. As we help these lovely kids attempt great things in life, and they will see their attitude and hard work honored. At THP we help every kid see their talents, potential and future they were created





     Our trained staff and volunteers are intentional at making sure every person knows they belong to a family. It is extremely important for them to know they are secure and cared for, and then to care for others as well. At THP we all work together to build a strong sense of relationship & trust.


     As human beings, we each thrive mentally, emotionally, and physically when we have good leadership, mentors, and role models. Our service to people, bottom line, is that we lead by example, expecting others to learn and follow. Our desire is for each individual to grow in knowing their value and worth. By us educating with a routine schedule, good hygiene, healthy food, and a safe, loving home environment, these children will grow to respect themselves and others, make choices with integrity, and apply themselves to every challenge.


     Albert Schweitzer once said, “An example is not the main thing in influencing others, it’s the only thing.” In this, THP trained staff not only oversees each Hope Place home, but also lives there as parents, so they are involved in every aspect. Providing a quality education in India is an absolute necessity to their success and ability to provide for their future. Everyone needs encouragement and guidance to reach their full potential. Our mission for THP is to always be a secure, loving home. This is more than the idea most of us imagine when we hear the word ‘orphanage’. THP is a home! For each one to know they are seen and loved.

  • Physical needs of a safe shelter, clean water, proper clothing, nutritious food,  good hygiene, and health care

  • Emotional needs are met through family, friends, counsel, acceptance, and love

  • Education is met with an accredited school, leading to higher learning and life skills

  • Each Hope Place home built is a forever home and family                             





     Our purpose for THP is to create awareness among the known & unknown. We don’t intend to reinvent the wheel. Rather, we use the invented one to its fullest potential. We are convinced both the need and resources are already here. However, we are just re-positioning its alignment & direction. Our focus & purpose are to make available all those resources & aids along with its positive influence toward strengthening every child at THP directly or indirectly with our services & support. This involves, but not limited to, sponsoring a child’s education to relieve a burdened family and help lift them out from poverty.


     While not comparing ourselves with other social services, orphanages, or children's homes, THP trained staff has carefully sought counsel and wisdom for THP to be successful.  We purpose to make a difference in as many lives as we are able. So we think, hope, dream, and plan for big things that are happening at THP!  Always want to ask ourselves, “Why we do what we do?” This keeps our focus & purpose alive and real. It is difficult to compare anything to seeing a restored, changed, hopeful life. We are influencing every child with our purpose & goals and bringing hope!





     At THP we make informed decisions in every need & circumstance before executing our services and support. With utmost importance we maintain quality and effectiveness, rather than quantity and ineffectiveness. So we spend more personal time with individuals understanding their needs. Our process is determined and implemented with deep consideration towards the weakest & most needy souls. THP staff is careful to determine the needs and know what is required. Our approach is dedication to specific needs as some don’t have a home or family. While, others may have a family, but do not have enough income to feed, clothe or educate their children. The trained staff and volunteers for THP desire to be the most help in these areas of basic needs as are thoughtfully determined. After this evaluation we move into sponsorship.  




     We own land in a safe location in a community village near Bangalore. This area has been an open door for us to be a blessing and have an impact in children's lives and future. 


     The HOPE Place is within walking distance of a reputable school where children attend. Quality education will change their future and is an essential part of their success in bringing them up out of poverty. 



    Perhaps you have noticed we refer to The HOPE Place as a children's ministry or home and not an orphanage. We have a heart for adoption, for children to have a family and a place to always call their home. Our desire is to care for them spirit, soul, and body as we would care for our own children. Often, to simply come alongside a struggling parent and offer a little help to lighten their load and bring hope to their child and family's future. With your help, we can do this for many precious young lives year after year. As we are able, our vision is to build other children's HOPE Places. Working together is our opportunity to make this happen as children are desperately needing love, hope and care. For the sake of one!


     Hope is a beautiful gift that Multiplies!


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